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5C Limited

About Us


When a father was in the lowest stage of his life, he felt helpless and disappointed that he had nothing to give his five daughters, whose names start with a “C”. All he had left was his knowledge gained from 38 years of industrial business. So, he decided to create “5C Limited” in hopes to show his daughters the greatest love from their poorest father. With “5C Limited”, he wants to show his daughters how to overcome the most negative moments of life. He is determined and motivated to bring “5C Limited” to success through the love and support of his 5 daughters. We hope “5C Limited” can be an example to encourage others to stay strong and keep positive during the hardest times in life.

Hong Kong Product


In the 1960s, Hong Kong’s manufacturing industry began to rise. Some developing industries included wigs, plastic flowers, plastic beads, dolls, etc., to also the textile industry, clothing industry, electronic industry, and watch industry. Hong Kong productions were so well-known, they became the top manufacturing and export city for the world’s toy market.

Then in the 1980s, due to the economic development of China with a large number of the working population and cheap labor, most factories in Hong Kong moved to China which brought the Hong Kong manufacturing industry downhill. Currently, China’s economy is doing very well causing labor shortages and higher average salary rates. As a witness to Hong Kong’s manufacturing industry, we reminisce about the driven, thriving, and prosperous environment. So, our mission is to develop, manufacture, and brand some products in Hong Kong, hoping to keep the Hong Kong manufacturing industry active.